The Voice Mag magazine is an authoritative publication dedicated to the world of beauty, fashion and style. It offers its readers the latest trends, exclusive interviews with leading industry experts and inspiring success stories. The annual The Voice VOICE BEAUTY AWARDS 2023 aims to recognize outstanding achievements in the beauty and cosmetics industry. This highly professional event raises questions of quality, innovation and style, recognizes the best brands and products, and inspires new creative heights in the world of beauty. We are proud to announce that the Latte Beauty cosmetics brand has won the prestigious The Voice BEAUTY AWARDS 2023 in the “Best Mousse Eye Shadow” category with the product – Latte Beauty MUSE cream eyeshadow! This is a huge recognition of our work and dedication to beauty. MUSE cream eyeshadows are not just eyeshadows, they are an art of transformation that helps express your individuality and unique style. Join us in celebrating this incredible achievement and explore the world of beauty with Latte Beauty!

The Voice VOICE BEAUTY AWARDS 2023 The best mousse eye shadows
Latte Beauty is the winner of the prestigious VOICE BEAUTY AWARDS 2023 in the category "Best mousse eye shadow"