About us

Latte Beauty draws its name from the ancient myth about the birth of the Milky Way. The brand prides itself on its selective approach to color and texture, with each shade undergoing extensive testing, including under different lighting. The brand’s natural radiance, vibrant colors, and delicate textures capture the spirit and attention, revealing itself in long-lasting makeup.

Latte Beauty is more than just a brand; it is a way of life that inspires women to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves through makeup. The products are not merely “Made in Italy” cosmetics; it is also a large creative laboratory that makes its products intelligent, adaptable, and innovative. Natural ingredients merged with cuttingedge advancements in the beauty industry are tightly woven into the brand’s code and shape its conceptual core.


Heavenly river, which the Phrygians called Gallus, and the Milky Lake and the divine golden milk drink are associated with the beliefs about Paradise, where milk and honey rivers flow. The image of the Milky Way has long been a symbol of femininity in European art, especially during the Italian Renaissance. This is manifested in the fact that it is often depicted as an object that captivates with its mystery, shrouded in the mist of secrecy. In some works of Botticelli and Tintoretto, where the galaxy is often used as a symbol of beauty, inaccessibility, and mystery of the female principle, «eternal femininity», embodying everything alluring and unattainable, ethereal object with swirling clouds pouring thin streams of sparkling stars. In this aesthetic system, a woman is sacred, the beginning, the genesis. Take a look at Rubens’ painting «The Creation of the Milky Way» About us 2 and pay attention to Zeus, who has set aside his lightning bolts and is serenely watching Hera and the little Heracles. Zeus in this painting by Rubens is so far from his persona as a thunderer. Our cosmetics are an ode to femininity, divine beauty, and the great creation of the Lord. The cosmos as understood by the ancient Greeks.