A subtle touch of lip gloss or eyeshadow can work wonders in elevating your overall look. It’s like adding that final brushstroke to a masterpiece, enhancing your features and giving your appearance an extra touch of charm and allure.

Whether it’s a pop of color or a hint of shimmer, cosmetics can be your secret weapon to achieve a truly fantastic look. So, embrace the magic of makeup and let your beauty shine even brighter. L’Officiel Cyprus proudly presents the enchanting world of Latte Beauty, the Italian niche cosmetics brand. Similar to sparkling diamonds that radiate their brilliance under the moonlight, Latte Beauty’s offerings are at their most captivating during evening makeup. With their natural radiance, rich hues, and delicate textures, they take center stage.

LATTE BEAUTY’s Ultimatte is a liquid lipstick designed for a flawlessly matte finish. It’s a new generation of liquid lipstick, featuring a “second-skin” effect and a soft-focus finish. The formula boasts powdery pigments that ensure a comfortable, weightless matte look with intense color payoff from the very first application. This creamy lipstick is easily applied, leaving no noticeable residue on the skin, thanks to its hydrating components that keep the lips soft and prevent them from drying out.

Zakhar Grinov, the brand’s national makeup artist, shares, “The autumn-winter season is a time when lip skin deserves special care and protection from inclement weather. However, it’s also the perfect opportunity to add a touch of ‘oomph’ to your makeup with rich, vibrant shades. During the colder months, it’s ideal to opt for red, burgundy, dark purple, and deep brown. This choice will undoubtedly draw countless admiring gazes to your lips. I recommend taking a close look at LATTE BEAUTY’s perfect red shade, Ultimatte in Chantage, shade 09.”

Latte Beauty Jealous #02 Nectar

Latte Beauty Jealous #02 Nectar
Latte Beauty Jealous #03 Sorbet
Latte Beauty Jealous #03 Sorbet
Latte Beauty Jealous #04 Titbit
Latte Beauty Jealous #04 Titbit

limited-edition LATTE BEAUTY Muse has a range of creamy mousse eyeshadows. They usher in a new era of eyeshadows with a “second-skin” effect, all packed into an ultra-soft mousse texture. These eyeshadows are the ultimate versatile tools, as they can be mixed, blended, or layered endlessly, enabling the creation of fresh and innovative looks. Not only is it resistant to water, but it can also endure extended evening soirees without flaking, creasing, or losing its rich ultra-pigmented metallic shade.

And then there’s the hydrating lip balm, LATTE BEAUTY Jealous, offering volume, vivid color, and care in a single formula. The gentle formulation, enriched with a rejuvenating, nourishing blend of natural components, deeply moisturizes the lips, saturating them with nutritive oils and imparting a seductive sheen.

A clean formula is the hallmark:

  • Echinacea enhances blood circulation and the lips’ natural hue.
  • Hops boosts the water-fat exchange in cells, heightening elasticity and resilience while preventing wrinkle formation.
  • Aloe provides deep hydration, promotes wound healing, and alleviates irritation.
  • Olive oil renews the epidermis and safeguards against UV rays.
  • Safflower oil serves as the primary protector against skin stress, moisture loss, and aging, forming a delicate, all-day protective film on the lips.
  • Almond oil imparts radiance to the skin and neutralizes free radicals that accelerate aging.
Latte Beauty Tattooist Latte Beauty Tattooist

LATTE BEAUTY’s Tattooist is a liquid brow pigment. This waterproof liquid brow liner is perfect for those hesitant about permanent tattooing. It helps enhance the natural brow contour or visually alter it to achieve a harmonious look. With its fine brush, this liner uniformly covers brow hairs and fills in gaps, providing a natural color that remains intact for up to three days, even in rainy weather and after a swim in the sea.

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