Glamorous Makeup in 5 Minutes with the Best Cream Eyeshadows from Latte Beauty Muse

Naturalness and glowing skin are one of the trends of 2023. Emphasizing the natural glow of the skin with makeup is easy - you just need to master a couple of life hacks and remember to place the right accents - on the skin and on the eyes. Latte Beauty makeup artist, Olga Brovtsina, will share her beauty secrets with us and tell us what to pay attention to in order to achieve the desired effect and achieve that "makeup without makeup" look. We choose the best cream eyeshadows from Latte Beauty Muse, in the shade 01 Mercy. It is with its help that you can achieve unparalleled yet delicate radiance, as well as the necessary pearly shade that will emphasize the skin and eye color. Thanks to its waterproof innovative formula, Muse eyeshadows do not smudge and hold up well throughout the day. Muse from Latte Beauty is easy to apply to the skin and can be layered, adjusting the intensity of the color. For example, in natural makeup, you can add a bit more eyeshadow with a second layer to the central area of the eyelid. Additionally, this product can be used as a highlighter. Apply a little eyeshadow to the prominent cheekbone area and blend with your fingertip. The product melts easily into the skin and turns into a very beautiful highlighter.